Special solution for complex dry mixes

Zeichnung von IBCs

SCHÄFER Container Systems supplies customised stainless steel silo containers for special applications

Neunkirchen, 31. October 2022. For the completion of an existing production plant at the customer, silo containers adapted to the task are used for the intermediate storage and stockpiling of complex dry mixes. SCHÄFER Container Systems, a manufacturer of recyclable IBCs and special containers made of stainless steel, has developed and implemented a solution together with ZWi Technologies.

In a special application, different materials are weighed additively and prepared with a special mixer. After the mixing process, the dry mixture is filled into silo containers and made available for further processing. The containers are picked up by an electric chain hoist for product emptying or for material transfer to the next production step and placed on an IBC emptying station.

Due to the flow characteristics of the dry mixture, emptying the silo containers is sometimes not possible without mechanical support. In the case of bridging, a vibrating frame underneath the container is activated to ensure the flow of material again.

The special version of the silo container type BSIU 1,000 L / 60° was developed by SCHÄFER Container Systems together with ZWi Technologies GmbH in Troisdorf (Germany). Via the transport frame, the container made of chrome-nickel steel 1.4301 can be both lifted by crane and stacked. The hopper inclination is 60 degrees, with a capacity of 1000 litres.

ZWi Technologies manufactures individual systems for handling bulk materials, liquids and raw materials, such as for the production of vulcanised rubber and plastics. The solution expertise can be found in complete systems as well as individual components, which are used in a wide variety of industries such as the chemical, glass, automotive or food industries .

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