Container for waste disposal industry

For the safe disposal of waste materials or residues from cleaning processes, put your trust in certified, robust stainless steel IBCs. Whether chemicals, cleaning mixtures or other substances for disposal, we will manufacture your individual container.

All IBCs are made of 100 % high-grade stainless steel, are easy to fill and guarantee residue-free drainage and cleaning. If required, individual control and regulating connections can be incorporated. Stainless steel IBCs are ideally suited to the disposal of chemicals or for storing filtration media used for the cleaning of contaminated materials, for instance.

Benefits for waste disposal

  • 100 % stainless steel, UV-resistant
  • Reusable system
  • Transport and storage
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Residue-free draining


  • Chemicals
  • Paints and lacquers
  • Oils
  • Waste and bi-products
  • Other

Recommended products

Here you can find a selection of our stainless steel containers for the waste disposal industry. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us personally. We also manufacture bespoke containers for oil and petrochemicals.