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Stainless steel Silo container BSIF
The IBC with funnel outlet for liquids

A tank made of 100 % stainless steel, the funnelled outlet with a 30° / 45° an slope angle, as well as a stackable frame of galvanised or stainless steel and seals individually geared to customer requirements are the characterising features of this IBC. The container is especially suited to paste-like filling materials with densities of up to 1.83 kg/l and is available in volumes of 500 - 1000 litres. Whether for production, transport or storage, the Silo container can be deployed flexibly.

Application examples: chemicals, petro-chemicals, waste disposal, recycling, food industry, paints and lacquers, plant construction

IBC features

  • 100 % stainless steel tank
  • Individual transport frame
  • Wall thicknesses 2.0 / 2.5 mm
  • Manhole DN 400 / DN 457
  • Screw-down cover or tension ring
  • Hopper slope angle 30 / 45 °
  • Overpressure safety valve
  • Ball valve, butterfly stop valve, disc valve


Basic dimensions 1,215 x 1,015 mm, alternative 1,200 x 1,000 mm
Height 30 °
Height 45 °
BSIF 465
500 l
1,200 mm
BSIF 550
550 l
1,50 mm
1,480 mm
BSIF 650
650 l
1,450 mm
1,580 mm
BSIF 800
800 l
1,600 mm
1,730 mm
BSIF 900
900 l
1,700 mm
BSIF 1,000
1,000 l
1,800 mm
1,930 mm
Metal intermediate bulk container IBC

Code 31 A, for land and sea transport of hazardous liquid materials of packaging groups II and III, max. density of filling goods 1.83 kg/l.


European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)


Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID)


International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)


United Nations Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (UN)

What is the slope angle on the BSIF IBC’s outlet funnel?

The standard slope angle on the BSIF IBC is 30° or 45°. On request, we will be glad to provide a customized funnel angle. Feel free to contact us directly.

Is the BSIF Container stackable?

Due to the stacking frame around the IBC, all BSIF Containers can be stacked on top of each other.

What outlet does the BSIF Container have?

For the BSIF, a 3-part 2” ball valve with a sealing cap is used. On request, we will also be glad to offer a customized solution. 

Is the transport frame also available in stainless steel?

A stainless steel frame is available as an option.

What types of connection can be used on the top section of the BTA Container?

The connections can be selected individually depending on the intended application. We can offer you flange, nozzle, socket or clamp connections. Feel free to call us on +49 2735 787-578.

Can the content level inside the BSIF container be measured?

The content level and other parameters such as location, temperature or pressure can be measured in every IBC by means of a data logger. You can get more information from our VIZUU business unit at

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