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Smart Heat Control

Automated precision, integrated safety, maximum transparency

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With Smart Heat Control, you stay in control of your heating containers
- no matter where you are

With our innovative smart heat control, you can precisely control and monitor temperatures from anywhere. Thanks to automated control and integrated alarm functions, we guarantee consistently high product quality and minimise downtime. We also offer maximum flexibility: our solution can be retrofitted and is universally compatible with existing IBC heating containers in your fleet, regardless of the manufacturer.

Step into the future of digital production with SCHÄFER Container Systems.

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Flexibility and efficiency

Through remote monitoring and control


Consistently high product quality

Thanks to automated temperature control


Minimised downtimes

With integrated alarm functions


Transparency and efficiency in logistics

Thanks to geolocalisation


Optimise production processes

Thanks to scalable integration options in existing ERP systems


Detailed analysis

Through data logging



As retrofittable and universal fit

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