Deodorants, hair waxes, etc. in stainless steel IBCs

Ausschnitt eines IBC Containers mit Rührwerk

SCHÄFER Container Systems manufactures special containers with trace heating and agitator for the cosmetics industry

Neunkirchen, 22nd February 2023. Many media are viscous at room temperature. Regulated heating containers with an agitator enable temperature-sensitive cosmetic products to be kept warm in a controlled manner. Furthermore, insulated containers made of stainless steel guarantee ecological as well as economic advantages. Plus points are the minimised energy demand in production, decades of longevity and recycling at the end of the life cycle. That is why the climate-neutral company Mann & Schröder Cosmetics opted for a heatable container solution from SCHÄFER Container Systems, manufacturer of almost completely recyclable IBCs and special containers made of stainless steel.

The containers supplied are used in so-called "hot filling" in the temperature range between 30 and 55 degrees Celsius. For example, hair waxes and cream deodorants cannot be filled at room temperature because they only achieve sufficient flowability at higher temperatures. On the other hand, their structure decomposes at excessively high temperatures. It is therefore important that the volume of heat supplied is evenly distributed in the heating container so that a homogeneous temperature spread is possible over the entire contents without creating local cold or hot spots.

As temperature is a critical parameter with a significant influence on product quality, continuous temperature monitoring is required during the process. This improves quality control and increases productivity. For this purpose, temperature sensors and a speed-regulated agitator with a beaker stirrer are integrated into the 1000-litre RCB 1.000 heating container from SCHÄFER Container Systems. The temperature control can be set directly on the IBC.

After pumping the product to be filled from the production plant into the stainless steel container, the cosmetics in the container are kept uniformly at the required temperature. The heating capacity of the IBC is two kilowatts. The consumer packaging is then completely filled with the medium at a constant temperature.

The selected agitator – in ECO design for easy cleaning – has two stirring stages and can be lifted or removed by a crane. The special design of the agitator also enables transport with a forklift. In this specific application, it is designed for cosmetic products in a highly viscous state. The stirring speed is set by means of a mounted frequency converter. The RCB 1.000 double-walled container, thermally insulated with perlite, has basic dimensions of 1200 x 1100 mm. It is accessible to and can be lifted with the cranes of forklift trucks.

"A good feeling starts with a good conscience. That is why, as a manufacturer of bodycare products, we are committed to ambitious sustainability goals across the entire value chain. From raw materials and research to production and logistics – we see the responsible use of natural resources as a central task. We demand the same from our business partners and suppliers. For this reason, we work with stainless steel containers from SCHÄFER Container Systems," says Lukas Halder, project engineer at Mann & Schröder Cosmetics.

Innovations in the field of sustainability are becoming increasingly important. SCHÄFER Container Systems also has ambitious sustainability goals. The sustainable use of products, the use of environmentally friendly materials, CO2-reduced steel alloys, the avoidance of wasted energy – these are all points regarding which SCHÄFER Container Systems has taken a pioneering role in the industry.

Mann & Schröder Cosmetics has been working in a manner that is 100 per cent climate-neutral since as far back as 2017. Now, climate-neutral products are to follow. In July 2022, Mann & Schröder Cosmetics achieved the gold standard on the EcoVadis sustainability rating platform for its commitment to the environment, sustainable sourcing, ethics and labour and human rights. With its gold status, Mann & Schröder Cosmetics is among the top five per cent of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. More than 90,000 companies worldwide have already been assessed by EcoVadis in terms of sustainability.

Ausschnitt eines IBC Containers mit Rührwerk
[Translate to Englisch:] Heizcontainer RCB 1.000 von SCHÄFER Container Systems mit entnehmbaren Rührwerk und integrierter Temperaturregelung.

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