Real Emmentalers!

KASAG-Tankfahrzeuge AG – Mobile refuelling modules equipped with SCHÄFER IBCs

When thinking of Emmental, who doesn’t picture a cheese with big holes in it, or the beautiful trademark landscape of hills in the middle of Switzerland and quirky linguistic puns, such as “holy as a Swiss cheese...”

KASAG-Tankfahrzeuge AG from Langnau in Emmental are genuine Emmentalers – meaning they are proud of their region, down-to-earth and modest, but at the same time are seen as being cosmopolitan, hard-working and innovative! They are characterised by their own Emmental landscape, but luckily not by their own Emmentaler cheese! “As holy as a cheese” is the last thing the products and services of KASAG-Tankfahrzeuge AG can afford to be. For over 60 years, this company has been the very epitome of multifaceted safety for mineral oil and chemical transport vehicles on roads and airfields. As a producer of mobile filling systems, robust truck bedliners and building site storage and fuel tanks, the company is well known, far beyond the borders of Switzerland. 5-axle road tankers for petrol, diesel and heating oil, as well as aircraft refuelling vehicles for up to 40,000 litres can be found on civil airports or military bases in Switzerland.

Small vehicles and special modules manufactured to customer specifications are also among the Emmental enterprise’s specialist fields, which range from test modules for the country’s small but skilled aviation industry and refuelling units for drones, right up to individual fuel and storage tanks for building sites of all kinds. “Here, we prefer to use SCHÄFER IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container). They are our first choice, especially when we need to combine maximum strength and robustness with a low weight – something which is just as essential for lightweight vehicles as it is for helicopter transport or the countless cable cars in the Swiss Alps,” says Rolf Burgin, Managing Director of KASAG-Tankfahrzeuge AG.

His company uses the SCHÄFER BTA tank containers with volumes of 500 and 1000 litres. These safe and secure container solutions in stainless steel are approved for transporting liquids and hazardous materials on the roads (ADR/UN). “As KASAG-Tankfahrzeuge AG provides a comprehensive service for all products and also carries out the mandatory periodic inspections, we constantly have all kinds of different container products in our workshops, and consequently we can tell what’s good and what isn’t. With SCHÄFER containers, we’re always very satisfied, because, as we’ve said, holes belong in Emmentaler cheese, definitely not in containers for carrying dangerous goods,” Burgin continues.

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