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Cryotherm GmbH & Co. KG from Kirchen on the Sieg is the specialist for developing and manufacturing vacuum super insulated storage and transport containers. The diversified product range covers solutions for industry, the biological and medical fields, food, space and research.

The long-standing partnership between Cryotherm and SCHÄFER has given rise to a great number of innovative products. One very important application of cryotechnics is the long-term storage of medical, biological and ecological materials at temperatures of around -180 °C, using liquid nitrogen. This cryoconservation is currently the only way of storing animal, plant and human cells and cell structures viably for almost unlimited periods and allowing them to be reanimated at a required time. To fulfil the extremely high demands required in this field, special containers had to be developed. In the BIOSAFE® range developed by Cryotherm, the stainless steel containers have a very high thermal quality with extremely low evaporation rates, thanks to their vacuum super insulation. The surfaces, even on the vacuum insulated, user-friendly designed cover, are smooth and easy to disinfect. The container height is low and the cover has an ergonomic lift/swivel mechanism, enabling samples to be inserted and removed easily.

The sample receptacles inside the container need to be as diverse as the samples themselves. So the internal rack systems, with their high storage capacities and low weights, have been optimised to achieve space-saving yet clearly organised sample storage. Safe and reliable long-term storage of the samples requires all relevant temperature parameters to be monitored and controlled at all times. In order to guarantee, that sample temperatures can be kept permanently and sustainably below -180° C, the liquid nitrogen level has to be checked continuously. Using APOLLO®-supply containers, which are also based on a SCHÄFER Container Systems’ solution, liquid nitrogen is replenished in keeping with the evaporation rate. A fail-proof monitoring solution checks the entire system permanently and ensures a maximum safety-level.

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